Gareth Jones

Affiliation: ABC’s of Attraction, Sasha PUA

PUA instructor Gareth Jones over at the ABC’s of Attraction became known on the scene when voted Best New Pick Up Artist of 2010 and has taken his skills of instruction and his skills of the pick-up all over the world from London to Sydney and has covered ground in many of the United States. His coaching and instruction has polished the game of men all over the world, and his ground breaking program “12 Weeks of Fury” continues to do so. Gareth’s signature talent is being master of the phone game, and he teaches the fundamentals to his pupils in his “iGame: From Text to Sex” program.

A former rock singer and self proclaimed “devout advocate of attention getting”, Gareth fell into the world of the pickup after reading the Neil Strauss masterpiece “The Game”. That book inspired him to merge his two passions, people and romance, into a lifestyle that has put the confidence back into the game for men all over the world. The most valuable tool that he has picked up in his journey of the pickup is the ability to make what seems impossible, possible. His greatest days occur when his students call him up to fill him in on their success, and he experiences a personal reward when one of his own pupils has made the discovery that achieving the impossible…isn’t actually impossible. One of his fondest memories is the first message he ever received from a former student, who attended a bootcamp he wasn’t even an official coach at. He received a Facebook message from a bootcamp attendee thanking him for a few minutes of casual advice and tips that to that student would turn into a life changing experience. Gareth says that Facebook message is the reason he continues to coach today.

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In addition to his numerous products he’s authored or contributed to, you can catch him being featured on NBC:

and see his skills up close and personal here where he’s spotted giving tips on how to get a girl’s number: