Gaming Yourself

Quick Definition:  The ability of the PUA to actively game himself to believe a certain paradigm or blind-spot.

Full Definition:

Gaming is about the actions you take, not the results. Too many people focus on the short term results, when in fact it is the long term process that is the most important. Getting the process down sometimes involves kicking yourself in the butt to get things moving, even if you cannot currently see the light at the end of the tunnel.

For example, a newbie may not be able to understand the concept of abundance mentality, or real man blow out (whereby a PUA deliberately goes all out to get a hard rejection, instead of a mediocre ignore from the girl) until they go all out. I remember when I was a newbie and I told a girl I liked her, and texted her x20 times. In the end, I called and said, “I really just want to know what I did wrong, can you tell me?” And she did. She said I was too insulting towards her, and she was upset. I learned that my insecurities were causing me to neg her too hard.

Fight Club (1999) Edward Norton and Brad Pitt
In the cult movie “Fight Club”, Edward Norton’s character games himself into becoming Tyler Durden

Other times, a player may think he’s too fat/ugly/short/poor/a particular race to get the girl of his dreams. In this case, coaches often advise them to approach these girls all the time. Approaching them a lot trains the artist’s mind to understand that these girls are in full abundance, and they are anywhere and everywhere. In this case, the PUA is gaming himself in order to take action. With action, comes results. With results, a new set of beliefs begins to install itself into the newly formed neurons in the brain.

Usage: Sometimes you need to game yourself in the short term in order to develop a mindset that is useful to you in that particular point in time.

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