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    Outer game principles relate to exact techniques or processes that you can learn and practice. Like a comedian who has a strong script and experience on stage, strong outer game is able to be executed is able to get you great relationships with really hot girls, whether through cold approach, or a longer term social circle play.

    <<Phase 1 Understanding>>

    Undoing Existing Mistakes

    Social Stereotypes & Narratives

    General Framework In Field

    Fashion / Style

    <<Phase 2 Tactics>>


    Alpha Male Behavior

    Approaching / Opening

    Group Dynamics

    Non Verbal Communication / Body Language

    Conversation Skills


    Building Rapport


    Push and Pull

    Kiss Close

    Phone Number


    Day 2

    <<Phase 3 Dealing With Social Pressure>>



    Shit Tests



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  • Enjoyed what you’ve read?

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