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    The Beginning
    If you’re just starting out, or not sure if you want to change, these guide posts will help. Awareness comes first, before proper action can take hold…

    Seeing The Matrix
    Do you take the red pill, or the blue pill? What path will you choose, Neo? The following introduction posts will challenge your perception and frame of reality. Come back to it often, and each time these pillar posts of the Matrix will gift upon you deeper understanding of the nature of reality and the game.

    Human Nature & Reality
    Basic understandings and reasoning behind the real psychology of men & women. Be warned; these articles are controversial and may directly challenge your reality.

    Real-world implications of the Seducer paradigm. Deeper study of women, relationships, and helpful perspectives that will improve your pickup and general game.

    Inner Game Processes / Techniques
    General frames and principles for creating attraction and/or getting the girl involving calibrating a guy’s inner game mentality

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  • Enjoyed what you’ve read?

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    • Avatar Leo Dela Cruz

      Hello I am a noobee would like to join discussion to learn to pick up on chicks and become a better man thanks

    • Avatar Leo Dela Cruz

      Would like to join the discussion to get better at picking up chicks and become a better man hi I’m leo

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