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    Welcome to the ultimate game cheat-list that I wished I had when I first started. The entire knowledge base of seduction-related material spans from inner game to practical pick up to how to life a fulfilling life. The following pages are historical replications of “pillar posts”, advanced knowledge that was written down by guys who traveled the path of the game and shared their knowledge on private or moderated forums before the community exploded into a “mass commercial market”.

    If you’re looking for selective, refined knowledge that helps you get started and get good at game, take a moment and download our game mastery series here.

    The Game Theory Library

    Inner Game
    Examining and changing your mindset to improve your seduction is vital for any new Artist. Here, the masters give you insights into your beliefs, perceptions of the world, and your thinking. The road to mastery starts here.

    Outer Game
    The technical part of pickup involves routines, pick-up lines, and the how-to aspects of executing a proper seductive interaction. Any seducer, even naturals, have a set of outer game techniques. Some are simply hidden or they unconsciously execute flawless outer game.

    Natural Game
    The natural way of learning game that focuses on your mindset and a disassociation from “structured game”. Rather, chipping away at the marble, the natural game movement focuses on bringing out the best in every man and growing it to its full potential. Some say natural game lacks methodology and instructional footprint to be able to be studied and taught.

    Advanced Game
    In-depth exploration of advanced topics, that can only be mastered after the fundamentals are learned. Sex, Threesomes, Harem management, Love & Relationships, Tantra and other schools of thought fall into this category.


    Questions & Answers People Have:

    1) Does this page include absolutely EVERYTHING about game and the seduction community?

    No, seduction knowledge is always growing and adapting to the times. That said, I’ve selected the best pieces of advice for you, organized in a clean, concise, and commercially non-biased way for you to learn about the game right here.

    2) Isn’t “natural game” un-learnable through systematic techniques?

    I don’t think so, although there are different opinions on this. I think that natural game can be learned by understanding and practicing natural game principles. Personally I find a mixture of natural inner game and technical skill game the best combination to get good quickly.

    3) Who made you an authority?

    I’m not. I try my best to organize things as I see them, based on what I learned, and how I would teach my younger self 9 years ago if I had all the information I knew today.

    Guys who seek to master game ultimately seeks 2 things: freedom and choice. This naturally expands into areas of finance, where, in a capitalistic matrix, the surplus of cash allows to freely roam this new world.

    Without our physical bodies, any other intentions or ambitions are useless. This section focuses on developing a healthy lifestyle, working out, and how to focus on physical well-being.

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