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    Richard La Ruina is the founder of PUA Training, which has emerged to be one of the most innovative and competitive foreign pickup companies in the world. Richard writes about his own history in The Natural Art of Seduction, where he described his childhood as difficult and girl-less. Having developed a skill for the stock market at 18, he took his life savings and turned it into a comfortable sum of money. His nickname online was “God of Gambler” from the Chinese movie of the same name. Later on, he shortened it to just “Gambler” as his PUA moniker.

    Gambler has a smooth, subtle pickup style. In 2009 he developed a DVD series called “Stealth Attraction”, based on concepts and techniques that created attraction without creating a conscious realization on the girl’s end.

    Richard La Ruina Quotes

    So, what do I mean? Well, I told a student the other day that if I only had 6 hours to help someone and they had to do whatever I told them, I told him that I would send the guy out naked to talk to people. After half an hour of that, he wouldn’t have any inhibitions and would be able to approach anyone. The reason it would work is that although his comfort zone wouldn’t stretch all the way to being comfortable in public being naked, it would stretch to cover normal interaction and interaction with women.
    Everything a woman says is a ‘hook’ – something you can latch onto, feed off and use to extend the interaction. It could be the accent, the words she uses or the information she gives.  For example if she says she’s Latvian and studying English for 3 months, then you could chat for a bit about any of those three things. You should connect positively with them about it and then ask another question or elicit another hook.

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    richard gambler

    Richard La Ruina

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    Tyler Young October 11, 2010 - 8:46 pm

    Gambler has to be the best PUA I have ever seen. Seriously. I wish more people knew about him.


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