• Gackt Camui and The Gazette

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Although my blog is about Asian guys and white girls and there aren’t exactly a lot of (natural) blondes in Japan, I want to take a moment and honor the Japanese rock artists. Not only is their music bad-ass, notice how their styles transcend their Asian heritage.

    Gackt is most often seen with color contacts, and the members of The Gazette are simply “out there”. In a good way, they understand the concept of artistic branding and playing character roles.

    In the states, Asian guys do not have a lot of SEXUALLY ATTRACTIVE role models to look up to, or style avatars to copy. The Japanese rocker style isn’t a bad avatar, and there is a reason why they are so popular back home.

    Gackt Camui: usually referred to by his stage name, Gackt. Formerly of the now defunct Malice Mizer, he became a solo artist, rising to the top of the Oricon charts with his good looks and musical talent.

    The Gazette: The Japanese Guns and Roses (except, they have stayed together despite changing record companies numerous times over the years). They have an eclectic and strange style.

    Gazette – Guren PV

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