• Future

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Real Name: Unknown, AKA Future Thompson
    Affiliation: Love Systems

    His desire for helping others experience personal excellence started at a young age when he held grandiose visions of one day becoming a Presbyterian priest (true story). When he started with Love Systems he was the gangling kid he sees in many of his students today, awkward and crippled with a paralyzing fear of the opposite sex. Today, he is the highest ranked instructor at Love Systems and known for his incredible ability to make connections with some of the most amazing women in the world, even across language barriers.

    In the years between dreaming about the priesthood and becoming one of the greatest pickup artists of today, he left his fiancée at home to become a United States Marine. Not long after his entry into the service, he experienced the heartbreak of infidelity and headed to the Big Apple to drown his sorrows in study for a potential film career. It was not long after his arrival however that he realized a former Marine in one of the biggest and most exotic cities of the world should not be having as many problems with the ladies as Future Thompson was. Like many others before him in our generation, he turned to the Internet for dating advice for the layman and stumbled across Love Systems, becoming a lay man in the most unconventional way.

    Love Systems legend has it that he became so skilled after his first bootcamp, that at one point he had five different models taking a spot in line to pass on their digits. His signature trademark is his in-field experience, where he never stops teaching…and learning. On the same night he can be spotted whispering sweet somethings into the ear of the most beautiful lady in the room, and then whispering instructions into his student’s ears to accomplish the same goal. His exceptional observational skills and quick study of the human spirit make him not only one of the smartest, but also among the funniest and most charming instructors to date.

    Future Thompson will tell you that it was the support from Love Systems that gave him the confidence he needed to take his life to the next level, but his Love Systems colleagues believe that he had that in him all along. He has not only been listed as the number one Love Systems instructor in 2009, but has also developed a revolutionary program that teaches men step by step how to make women fall in love with him. “Breakthrough Comfort” is not his only success, his personality has charmed many audiences that have enjoyed his thriving stand up comedy career, and he also continues to change the lives of many students through workshops, bootcamps, and seminars.

    Future Pictures

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    In addition to his “Breakthrough Comfort” course, he’s also been featured on ABC’s “Nightline” and has authored or contributed to many features, articles, and books such as “Dealing With Men and Obstacles”, “Overcoming Approach Anxiety”, “Gaming Conservative Girls”, and yes, he’s even offered instruction on “Long Term Relationships (LTR’s)”.

    You can spot Future teaching the importance of “qualifications” right here:

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