• Fuses

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: The different time frames that it takes for a text or pick up tactic to go off.

    Full Definition:

    The concept of fuses was first used by Braddock in the Ultimate Guide to Text Game. Basically, you think of each girl’s compliance to you as fuses. The short fuses will blow up quick – she already has attraction for you and remembers you from the night. Medium fuses may be sets that went well but didn’t really escalate that much. Long fuses are quick number closes on the street.

    Short fuse: can immediately text for compliance, “what are you doing tonight?”, or text questions

    Medium fuse: ping first then ask a question, preferably use statements so she doesn’t feel the need to text back. “Today is hug day. Don’t forget to hug a friend”. If she replies great, if not, ping again in a few days.

    Long fuse: send texts without asking questions, generally statements or texts that cause a reaction so she remembers you. “Oh my god. I miss you and I want to see you, but the zookeeper won’t let me in. Any way you can escape?”


    Each fuse is gamed with a completely different mindset and timing. With this level of text game, you can group your girls into different fuse lengths, and be able to move them towards a blow in due time.


    Stack Forward to practice your material and also deal with the social pressure of ploughing.

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    Source: Braddock, Love Systems

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