• Fundamental Shift

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: A change in a person’s perspective that is permanent, regarding his or her theories about how life works.

    Full Definition:

    Learning the skill to seduce women isn’t easy. Along the journey, we begin to develop lenses that govern and rationalize our actions. The novice PUA starts to see things in “PUA vision,” while the master comes full circle and is able to relate to people as human beings, as well as understand the dynamics of social energy within any given venue.

    Fundamental shifts occur when a student has learned a certain concept and has adopted a newfound frame for his reality. For example, the concept of “abundance” is a fundamental shift in a PUA’s mentality. He has moved away from thinking that his ex-GF is the only girl he will ever meet and accept the fact that there are many girls out there. His experience thus reflects his abundance mentality.

    Similarly, an intermediate or master PUA may experience personal pain or hardship, and find his GF or wife and family there to support him. He may fundamentally shift his beliefs from sleeping with every girl to committing to the people that are most important to him.

    Shifts in knowledge and life perception are essential to personal growth and development, so be aware of this in your journey.


    Rob has a fundamental shift in his thinking about women recently.

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