Functional Opener

Quick Definition: An opener that has a specific purpose within the given situation.

Full Definition:

In addition to having a specific function in the venue, a functional opener can both be part true and part plausible deniability.  This way, it does not seem as if the artist is hitting on the girl.

An example of a functional opener is “Excuse me. Do you know where the closest ATM is?” or “I’m new in town. Is there a good Japanese restaurant nearby?”

Sometimes, a functional opener is a great disqualifier to use with a really hot girl at a club to build social proof. Because she is very pretty (9s and 10s), your tonality and overall demeanor must be convincing.

See 5:16 in the video below on Adam Lyon’s street opener.

Keep in mind that a functional opener requires a strong transition and an indication that you are curious in talking to her beyond the original functional opener.

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