Friends With Benefits

Quick Definition: An arrangement between two people to have a sexual relationships without the commitment and intimacy that usually comes from being in an exclusive relationship.

Full Definition:

Sometimes, we feel attraction for another person that is significant enough to hookup. However, they don’t connect with us on that intimate level that is fulfilling for a relationship. Women and men have sexual desires and needs, as such the modern meme of the “friends with benefits” has appeared. MTV even aired special episodes filming couples with “friends with benefits” relationships.

Usually, the “friends with benefits” relationship will last 1-3 months. Eventually, one of the partners may start developing more intimate feelings for the other person. Because oxytocin is released during sex, it is more likely for women to develop attachment and emotions to sex and therefore seek intimacy with the male partner.

Some people who have open sexual relationships manage friends with benefits situations very well, while others have difficulty coping. The arrangement for the artist depends on his or her core personality and the degree to which he or she likes the other person’s personality.

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We’re friends. With benefits.

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