• Friend Zone (FZ)

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: Being stuck in a platonic relationship with a woman, with no sexual chemistry.

    Full Definition:

    The friend zone is where one ends up after being LJBF’d. Generally, it is the result of building too much comfort with the target without generating any attraction. This is a common place for AFCs to end up through their supplication and approval seeking behavior.

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    It is difficult to get out of the friend zone once one is stuck in it, and it is usually easier to just go after another woman. However, there are ways that have been developed to escape out of it. One way is for the PUA to bring up sexual topics in conversation, which will help her to change her view of the PUA to see him as a sexual being. Another is to make a statement such as, “I never noticed that about you, that’s sexy,” in order to signal a potential change in the relationship.

    However, the best way to get out of the friend zone is to not end up in it in the first place. The way to do this is for the PUA to make clear SOIs and use kino escalation to clearly communicate that he is interested in being more than just friends.

    The friend zone can also apply to girls, usually with women who are physically attracted to the PUA, but not the other way around. Women like these can serve as social proof and pre-selection. The common term for such women is “orbiters.”

    Just friends exemplifies the trappings of being just friends:


    Mandy LJBF’d me a month ago, and I am still stuck in the friend zone.

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