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    Quick Definition: A system of interpretation that an individual or group uses to understand a certain event/situation.

    Full Definition:

    Frame is important in PU because it communicates the PUA’s mindset as well as the underlying psychology behind his words and actions. For example, Swinggcat advocates a “prizing” frame, whereby the PUA always assumes the girl is interested in him as the prize. In this frame, an HB can say, “I really like the tie.” PUA can respond, “Thank you, slow down a little bit. At least buy me a drink before you hit on me like that.”


    Example of a rabbit reframing a hand. Or is the hand reframing the rabbit?

    A funny example of re-framing is when Borat wears his famous swimsuit to the beach, and the reporter comments, “Borat, those trunks seem a little small for you.” Sasha Cohen pauses and then promptly responds, “Ah… thank you!” The reporter’s expression to contain a laugh thereafter was priceless.

    See 3:45 on the reframe by Sacha Baron Cohen

    Reframing is important in comedy and improvisation routines, as it shows a different (and often funny) perspective on otherwise normal events. Frame is derivative of the PUA’s core beliefs and his affirmed views on life.


    I was unable to maintain my frame when the girl spilled her drink on me.

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