• Frame Hog

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: A person who over-compensates by always trying to control the frame.

    Full Definition:

    Frame hogs are usually overly egotistical and feels the need to always exert control over a conversation or social situation. They may even be good at getting laughs, or telling jokes. However, after a certain point, they are doing it not to amuse themselves, but to get a reaction.

    Every person needs time to rest, and just “chill” in social situations. The frame hog always feels a need to “display value”, instead of assuming value. Coming from such a mind set, he is automatically lower value.

    There is a fine line between a frame hog and a truly alpha guy. How do you differentiate a guy who’s just naturally super cool, and a frame hog?

    The difference lies in the naturally cool guys core attitude and the reason he behaves a certain way. His behavior is based on his thoughts and his own intentions. He is not easily swayed by others. In certain performance situation, he happens to be THE GUY with all the knowledge and expertise. The tribe knows this. He’s not afraid to take control and assist the group.

    ball hog frame hog


    You’re a freaking frame hog man

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