Frame Control

Quick Definition: Controlling the frame that a target or group uses to interpret a specific event or situation.

Full Definition:

“Framing,” in the context of media studies, sociology, and psychology, refers to the social construction of a social phenomenon by mass media sources or specific political or social movements or organizations. It is an inevitable process of selective influence over the individual’s perception.

In PU, as with mass media, there are always certain levels of interpretation of a specific event that can be re-framed based on frame control, and your emotions and conviction in your beliefs.

In some situations it is important to allow the target to reframe. For example, when a HB says she has a boyfriend, one of Juggler’s Methods is to encourage that boyfriend. PUA: “Wow, that is great. I understand that feeling of being in a happy, committed relationship. Your boyfriend must be a pretty stand up guy.” Often times, this will bait the target to reveal negative aspects of the relationship, with, “Yes, but…”, which opens up a void you can attempt to fulfill.

man leading
Overall, the man leads the woman in the relationship. She chooses to allow him to lead, because choosing to follow takes strength (from my dance teacher)

In frame games or frame battles between AMOGs or two opposing sides, the one with the strongest ability to frame control will win the battle. Lawyers are VERY good at reframing situations to benefit their clients, and good lawyers possess the ability to take on a side that he himself may not agree with.

Example of  Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Frame Controlling the staff of the Wiener Circle:

In a previous video (now removed from YouTube) from Boston Legal, Alan Shor (James Spader) reframes his client’s argument in a tough case. Lawyers (good ones) are masters at reframing situations. Despite your views on foreign aid, notes one user of this video: “I supported the plaintif in the beginning of this episode on the merrits of the case i wanted alan and denny to lose, but alan totally changed my mind in his closing thats never happened on this show before usually what ever side i’m on at the start is the same as at the end wither win or lose but he really turned me around


You didn’t have enough frame control over the whole group of 5 girls to hold the set for more than 10 minutes.

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