Quick Definition: A process of taking someone else into and out of a mental state rapidly and thereby intensifying that mental state for them, or de-emphasizing the emotion for them (if it was a bad experience).

Full Definition:

According to Stingray (From Inward Quest):

If you mentioned Fractionation then I assume you have some NLP knowledge so I’ll talk in those terms…

Let’s say I anchor someone to some good-feeling state. If I trigger the anchor, they will obviously move into that state to some extent. Now if that state only had a slight intensity when I set the anchor, the triggered state will probably also only have a slight intensity.

If I wanted to increase the intensity of that state, I could apply Fractionation.

This means triggering the anchor, allowing them to move into that slight state, then move them into another (probably neutral) state, then trigger the anchor again, then back into a neutral state, then trigger the anchor again…and so on.

Each time the state is retriggered, it becomes more intense.

Beckstar explains the 5 Cs and Fractionating as a NLP term:

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