FR: Social Game & Lessons Learned Weekend

Friday 4/3/08

There’s a party at the W hotel in San Francisco. M, a friend I met at Google is throwing a bday party. She’s a cute Asian girl that I got along with when Mobius picked her up from a few weeks before. Since she does event planning for the company they had the whole 4th floor reserved. Good person to know.

I call up Serum, and he ends up signing up 2 other guys to come. I get a little angry – he should have told me first. Nevertheless, I wasn’t going to let this bother me. We are going to have a good night. D and B turn out to be cool cats.

We walk into the balcony at the W, and the game is on. B,D and Serum end up talking by themselves in a circle. I kind of was hoping this won’t happen but expecting it. I end up socializing as this is a part-work event too for me (There are other Googlers around). 2 set, one HB5 and the other HB8. I hook, and run Mehow alphabet routine. They laugh. Good social proof. I forward merge with another mixed set. No HBs. I hook a 3 set, isolate Blonde HB7. I run Matador’s hand routine, and we talk. She keeps talking about work so I joke about being a Janitor pre-IPO and now I clean Sergey and Larry’s bathroom. Later I reveal my real job which adds value. N-close her as she is leaving. Not sure if the number is solid, but I know its real since I called my phone with hers and made her leave a message, “Hi, I’m M.”
“M, what’s special about you?” – me
“Everything! haha” -HB

I talk to a few guys from anther company that M used to work for for networking purposes. Most of these guys are bitter about the IPO of their company and for the most part, it wasn’t fun talking to them.

I run into another aPUA, or thinking back, a guy who knew community language. “Kino” he noted as I ran my hands up an Asian girl. He ends up telling me how my mind will change when I am 35.. about his divorce.. wow. What a DOWNER!

I end up talking to 2 Asian girls and hook them (they are cousins). His girl starts leaning over HIM to talk to me. This was a sight to see. I end up talking to her in Chinese for 10 minutes and I had to cut it off only because I had some respect for this guy J who at least knew community slang. I ask him if it is ok to n-close. He replies, “absolutely not”. This was the first red flag about this dude not being a real PUA. “How do you guys know each other?”
Asian HB, “Oh we work together”. (2nd red flag)
I could have closed, but I didn’t. But I had to get out of there. This guy was telling me about his divorce and how this one Asian girl was the reason he got divorced. I exit. What a chump.

I hook another Asian set, 4HBs, 1 guy. I befriend the guy. The girls are feeling me. I run rabbit trick. They start giggling. Head Female (who also works for Google) gives me her number and asks me to join them at another bar. I hesitate, as I was there to see M and network. I then realized that I forgot my wallet. What a dumbass. I say, “maybe next time”.

Serum, B and J hit Marina, they weren’t feeling the scene.

That was it, the rest of the night went smoothly, I made birthday girl feel good, took a few pictures and DHV’d her to her friends. She’ll be an important person when she hooks me up with my own hotel on my birthday :)

Saturday 4/4/08
Birthday of B’s friend. B is a cool chick who is my “wing”. She’ll literally drag me to other girls and introduce me. She’s actually really good looking. Her face reminds of me Lela Star sometimes. Anyway, B is a “social butterfly” – as in, she moves around a lot and enjoys attending to people. Thus, though she kinos me hard, she never stays too long. This time, I always leave first. 2 fat blonde girls throw themselves around me as I enter. Great. I AI Mobius and we dance. I wasn’t really feeling them. Another 5 Asian girl set. These girls weren’t that hot, so I only made polite conversation.

For a while, we buy drinks, we converse with our social group. I had to go into the bathroom and rest, to acknowledge that the girls in my social group aren’t hot enough and we needed to use this social proof to open cold sets. I open a 4 set. ALL of these girls were HB8+. Credit to Lovedrop for this line. “hey guys, we have been asking everyone this today. I can only stay for a second, but “nobody puts baby in the corner”, which movie is that from? Blonde shouts out, “Dirty Dancing!” High five. Set sticks. I isolate HB9 brunette, she’s kind of boring. The other HB8 brunette gets bored, so I engage both. Mehow alphabet routine away. Blonde tries to pull them away (I think she’s getting angry since I opened her first and now I am focusing too much on her friends). I maintain my frame, and finish my routine. After that, I pause. They didn’t ask me any questions back, so I decide to eject and say I am going to look for my friends.

Later, B introduced me to the set again, and I say, I know these girls already. We talk with them for a while, but again, Blonde throws shit test, “let’s go dancing!”. I had to contain her, however, Mobius was no where to be seen, and actually, I couldn’t so I ejected with B. I end up kissing B but only on the lips and I say, “I really, really like you as a friend”. She agrees. I leave to find Mobius. He’s not doing well today.

I open an adjacent set, get girls name, introduce to Mobius. They hit it off. Good, I was going to engage her other 2 friends as I was afraid they may interrupt. However, I got pulled away by P, a cute HB8 Israeli girl (she looks Spanish). I met her once before at B’s party. She’s drunk. I pull her away to a table. I sit down. Run some hand routines. She’s really kinoing a lot, so I shut up and kino her back, and then push her. Credit to Mystery here for his in field video, I literally would kino her, and then push her away, and say, “ok that’s all you get”. P is a good looking girl, so after a while she pulled away too as if walking away. I pulled her back, and then it was on.

AlphaWolf: “Can you tell I have braces on?”
HB8: “no, really, I can’t even see”
PUA: “the first question I asked by dentist when I was getting these was, ‘will it be different kissing girls? And he said, ‘that’s the first question you can think of?”
HB8: haha
PUA: let me smell you. Do I smell too feminine?
HB: No. You smell good.
I lean in. Hold. Eye contact. Move back.
The second time I learned in the k-close was there. Light, no tongue. It is different with braces, even invis-align. I have to actually try harder in order to make the same amount of contact as before.

We goto Matrix. Usually I own here. Tonight, there were a lot of guys. More so than usual. I open high temperature girl in mixed set. She hooks. I introduce Mobius and they seem to get it on. I see the other 2 guys who bought them drinks and I talk to them for a while. The guy was cool, he said the girls were fair game and just friends. I end up hooking another HB9 brunette. She was drunk and barely coherent. Actually I got kind of turned off. She was so stupid. I eject. See bartender Matt at the end, ask for water. Come back. Mobius is in another 2 seated set. He was outside, and I noticed that he needed to be more locked in next time when he’s 10 minutes into a set. He introduces. Small Asian girl, I wasn’t interested. She was stuck up too! I run hand routine and she gets bored. Ends up picking up her cell phone and ignoring me. Wow. Amazing. I was a little pissed later but at that moment, I said, “Alright. You enjoy your phone.”. I stood up, and walked right to the next set next to them. Spin girl. I was in. Bachelorette party. Spanish HB Girl from Uruguay was introduced to me. I converse, but this one doesn’t hook. She leaves to dance 10 minutes in. On the way out, I get heavy eye contact from an older MILF who was, actually quite stunning. I ask the apparent guy next to her, “is this your girl”. He looks at me and answers with a very hostile tonality, “yes”. Asshole. So I decide to open anyway when he’s gone. Girl jumps right up and hooks. As I was talking to her, I get amogged. One of those really big, fat bald guys who ate too much pizza in college and never really got his brain into his head correctly touches by hair. I counter, touching his belly. “hey, take it easy man”. He ends up shaking my hand but in the distraction I had lost the girl as the crowd was pushing towards the exit. (I couldn’t lock in in time).

Outside, the original dude gives me a glare. I look at his in the eye. What’s up with this guy. Looks like he lost the girl too. They didn’t even know each other, I realized. That was it, Mobius and I call it a night.

Field Notes:

1. Driving to San Francisco is too far. We need to go out here in the south bay, and own here. I don’t care how we do it, I don’t care if the girls are not as hot. There are people in the middle states and non-coastal cities who have it worse than us. What about these PUAs? This is no excuse to not have game just because the ratio is off. The ratio will always be off, and a PUA can pickup a HB at a bar, no matter where you are. It is all in our heads.

2. On AMOGGING. Lovedrop was right. Although I personally do not enjoy AMOGGING, it has come to my attention that I need to master this area simply for the purpose of defending myself. Time to learn amogging skills.

3. Everyone has their on and off nights

4. My style has developed into a pretty solid stance. Get a leather jacket. You’ll see how it affects your behavior in field. Dye your hair. Color contrast is a sign of healthy genes in nature, and it has a subtle affect when done right. Shine your shoes, it matters. Earrings – I have fake ones, mostly due to the importance of maintaining my “work avatar”, but it makes a big difference in conveying sexually. All of these things came recently. I took a picture of myself, and honestly assessed it. “Would I date a guy like me?”. If I was a HB10 blonde girl, “would I date me?”. And the honest answer at the time was no. I still think the honest answer is no, but at least now, I have a shot. It was tough man making these assessments, but in terms of game, “looks” do matter. Your style also affects your behavior and body language. When you have girls eyeing you and you get compliments on your style, your body language will reflect your mindset. Mobius noted how confident my body language was compared to before tonight.

5. Create a life context first. Your life context must be greater than pickup itself. I will write more about this as it is an important part of making you less “results oriented” and more than just about laying girls in pickup. It’s hard to explain. For example, I literally wrote the following recently:

What I want out of Life:
1. I want to eventually quit the 9-5 thing. I will build something or work, but only with the option of walking away at any time. I want to become financially free.

2. I want to have strong friendships with women. Women who reflect the positive qualities of their gender.

3. I want to have the pickup skills and lifestyle to lay really hot girls. This has always been a dream of mine. My definition of a hot girl is a girl who would appear in men’s (and women’s) magazines. She models. She turns heads. She is physically stunning. I want to satisfy my desire to sexually connect with these women on a regular basis.

There were others, but do you see where I am going here? In creating the context for 3. I realized that I needed 1 and probably 2 as well in order to achieve 100% of my 3rd goal. Also, PU was not the most important thing. Should I improve and fail on 3., I know I have the smarts and tools to succeed at 1. It is only a matter of time. Thus, my life is about becoming a business leader and building a cool social foundation. Should I have those, I will also inherently achieve some success in my 3rd life context.

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