• Field Report: Peak Experiences

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    What I learned:

    *Peak experience going out

    *2nd time in 2 weeks, after 2 month break. Completely free, outcome independent

    *Easier when you are already getting laid – puts sex into perspective

    *Jungle is open, danger + opportunity, must see things as they are as close to reality as possible

    *Not the best place “judge of character”, but again, its honest and real, where people don’t “pretend”

    *Overall, not the best place to meet high quality women to date percentage-wise

    *When to NOT have sex

    *I’d rather die than misrepresent myself to women who give themselves to me

    *Walk away from negativity, genuinely not care, look at them weird

    *Feel sorry for the other person

    *Most guys are just as afraid as you, the ones looking to start trouble will gravitate toward negative energy, if you are polite and smile he has nothing to grab onto. De-escalation

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