How to Get Out of The Rat Race (For Money or Love Final Part 6)

If you are a regular reader of this blog then you know me pretty well. And the reason I write these blog post is so that I can be… a huge douchebag. Because really, I can say anything online and it is pretty cool to be blogging about something anonymously. It is sort of like saying what you want publicly without being identified.

Anyway if you are regular reader you will recall my earlier questions of “for money or love” in which you will find my thoughts in written form about my previous struggles for MONEY OR LOVE. Well I figured it out. The truth is, you can’t wish for both things at once, assuming you have neither.

for love or money

The reality is that you need to focus on something specially and MAKE it priority. This is the only way it is going to work. Later on, when you have huge teams, you can delegate. However, right now, focusing on ONE THING AT A TIME is the key to success.

I actually learned this lesson while taking a break from video games. I don’t play many, but when I do, I tend to get pretty deep into it and have a need for finishing games. Saints Row The Third was so well made that I learned a lot of lesson from playing it!

If you finished the game once, you’ll realize (spoiler alert here) that if you went around and BOUGHT all the properties and businesses, you’ll end up getting about $40,000 an hour in cash. This cash can be used to upgrade weapons and bonuses in the game. Most players will spend their cash on upgrading first, and getting cars etc. On the second play-through, if you invest in properties first, you end up with much more cash earlier on in the game. This is because the cash that is generated is hourly and the sooner you own all the properties, the more money you earn as the game progresses.

This concept is similar to Rich Dad Poor Dad’s “Rat Race” game, as well as monopoly! In effect, it reflects real life. People in the lower social economic class are stuck in this endless cycle – they don’t have enough money, and therefore must always procure more. In America, even the upper middle class are stuck in this endless cycle by relentless advertisements and consumerism.

In “The Millionaire Next Door“, author Thomas Stanley explains why most “high income” earners fall into this trap. More money, more cars, more clothes, more spending. The acquisition of things we deem “high class”. All of this is “borrowed lifestyle” and no assets are acquired for the generation of wealth. A complete 180 from the traditional American way of life. More than 95% of Americans still save less than 5% of their annual income every year.

Example of a player turning the Hos into a Hos Business instead of selling them off for a lump sump with the syndicate:

Make a choice. Even if you’re wrong, you now stand for something. Business will be my priority for the next 2 weeks.

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