For Business or Love Part 4

You guys know I had this challenge for a long time. Matador was able to shed some light onto this. Whenever I start writing a business plan, I go back to reading pickup material or rattling my brain over girls. Why? Life is so short. What is it all for in the end?

Matador, on day 1 of bootcamp:

“I was a loner. I didn’t think I needed anybody. I didn’t think I needed any friends. At the same time I had a very strong father, who was very disciplined and who I thought brought me up very well. I went to school, I studied computer science, I went to business school after that… and then I worked for some top tiered consulting firms that were internationally known. So I had a good career. I had my health, wealth fully intact by age 23. My first job was 30k a year and I built myself up. To be fair, I built up in the dot come boom so it was easier, but that’s where I started.

Over time, it got worse and worse, because I did focus on the relationship part of my life, and it started to suck to motivation out of me from even working harder, because what is it all for? Thoughts like that started creeping into my mind.

What did I do this for, dad? I’ve been cheated. Fuck you telling me to stay out of trouble of these years. I didn’t sign up for this! I was miserable. From 16-26 were the dark periods of my life. Not to get too personal, but I was a depressed person. 26, I started stumbling into this thing.

C&F worked a little, but it didn’t work …. I made millions of blunders, I did some stupid shit…

But man, I am going to make statements to you today and I can back it up 100 and fucking 10%. By understanding what I am about to teach you, which you will now get, you will get a night and day difference over these 3 days by believing that in the pure mastery of this WILL make you feel like you have superpowers. Do you guys believe that?

It is going to require CHANGES. It is going to require EVOLVING… I feel… AWARE. That is all I can promise you, a moment of awareness. (To go the rest of the way)