Follow Through

Quick Definition: Backing up a task or decision with action.

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In the book The GameStyle, a.k.a Neil Strauss mentions how he number closes a beautiful girl at Office Depot only to find out later that she’s the Playboy Playmate of the year, Dalene Kurtis. When he realizes this, Style battles with himself over calling her and ends up chickening out. This is an instance of a guy not following through.

As humans, we have a strange tendency to be afraid of our own success and shoot ourselves in the foot while chasing it. Making big plans, setting goals and having dreams are the easy things in life. Following through and working your ass off on achieving them is the hard part. It’s what most men aren’t able to do with conviction and consistency. And it’s usually what separates the greats from the mediocre.

I never finish anything
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In the game of pickup, there will be instances where it will take a lot of effort from you to follow up a particular situation with action. It could be a situation where you number close a girl and have to follow through on calling her. It could be a situation where you set yourself a goal of overcoming approach anxiety and have to follow through with going out in the field and approaching hundreds of women. And how good a pickup artist you become, will depend on your ability to follow through on these instances.

Also it’s important to remember that following through with action is something that’s important for life in general. There are so many men who say things like “Oh I wish I had more money” or “Yeah, I really should start working on my finances”, but never take any concrete action. Don’t be that man.

Tyler Durden from RSD Nation on the process of following through:


Most of his goals ended up as pipe-dreams because of his inability to follow through on them.

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