Focus Opener

Quick Definition: A type of opener where a PUA starts a conversation by talking about something that the woman is focused on.

Full Definition:

A focus opener is a type of situational opener, where the PUA comments on what the woman is focused on. It is a common opener used by companies, such as Charisma Arts and the dating instructor David Wygant, who teach natural game.

An example of a focus opener could be something as simple as asking a woman who is looking at some fruit if the apples are any good (an opinion opener) or by making a statement such as, “I really like the bananas here.” If the woman is feeling social, or if she is at all interested, that will usually be enough to get the conversation started.

Focus openers are effective because the PUA steps into the woman’s mind and starts a conversation about what she is already focused on, which feels a lot more natural than jarring her out of her current thoughts to ask her about a random opinion opener. By using a focus opener, a PUA is effectively able to pace to the interaction, starting from where the woman is already at, and then gradually leading the interaction from there.

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