Focus on the Girl

Quick Definition: Being able to stay in the present and realize that your connection with the girl is the most important thing.

Full Definition:

The reason why a lot of men fail at the game is because they view it from an egocentric perspective. They worry far too much about which lines and routines to use and if they’re coming off as cool, charming or funny. They forget completely that a successful seduction is a two way street.

The amateur pickup artist spouts line after line at a woman and bombards her with his best DHV routines hoping to impress her and make her attracted in him, but is left utterly perplexed when the woman eventually blows him out. The fact of the matter is that you can create momentary attraction with lines and routines, but to show a woman that you’re interested in her  she needs to feel that she’s done something to deserve that interest first.

Man and woman alone
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And the only way to make a woman feel like she’s genuinely earned your interest is to have a genuine two way interaction with her. And the only way to do that is to focus completely on her and the connection between the two of you. A great pickup artist knows when to be charming and funny, and he also knows when to shut up and listen. Remember, great seductions aren’t monologues. Get out of your head and quit worrying about the mechanics of what you’re doing. Be present in the moment and focus your attention entirely on her. When you do this she will reciprocate in kind and that will give you the opportunity to appreciate her for things that are unique about her.

Usage: To get the girl you must first be able to focus on the girl.

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