Floral Print

Floral Print Floral print refers quite simply to any type of decorative motif that strongly features flowers (and occasionally other foliage).

Floral designs have been in widespread use for hundreds of years, across cultures, and their variety is as limitless as the number of species of flowers. Floral print is a very broad category, and spans all artistic styles, as long as the design contains flowers.

Flowers have traditionally been associated with beauty and femininity, especially in Western culture, so floral print is most commonly found in women’s dresses and blouses. However, with the rising popularity of the metrosexual style and the increasingly daring fashion world, floral print has started to become acceptable for men as well.

As with all bold prints, floral print should be used in moderation, especially since it has a strong feminine connotation. A classy floral dress shirt or tie layered with more masculine pieces can add a touch of elegance and softness to an otherwise bland outfit. On the other hand, overdoing floral print just comes across as tacky (think aloha shirt) or gay.

Floral Print Shirt Men
A classy and masculine floral print shirt
Black Floral Print Men
Designer shirt with a floral motif
Floral Print Shirt True Religion
An Asian style floral print shirt from True Religion
Floral Print Shirt Hyun Bin
This shirt is bordering on tacky, but Hyun Bin pulls it off

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