Quick Definition: An opener where the PUA comments on something that a woman is about to focus on.

Full Definition:

A flopsy is a type of focused opener. But rather than starting a conversation based on what a woman is focused on, the pick up artist comments on something that he anticipates that the woman will focus on.

For example, rather than commenting on a book that a woman is already reading (which would be a regular focus opener), a PUA could say, “Don’t read that one, read this one instead!” just as a woman is about to reach for a new book.

The flopsy is a fun and effective opener when delivered properly because it almost appears as if the PUA is reading the woman’s mind. This can generate a feeling of surprise and delight, and lead to a fun interaction.

Of course, flopsies do not always go perfectly, as it is impossible to predict what a woman is about to focus on, but generally it is a safe bet to comment about something really flashy or cute in the environment (like a rabbit, from which the name “Flopsy” comes from), which women are sure to focus on.

Flopsy the Rabbit
If you pay attention, you may be able to predict what a woman is about to focus on

Successfully executing a flopsy requires practice, a keen eye for observation, and a little bit of luck. However, even if the PUA is not able to accurately predict exactly what the woman is about to focus on, an unsuccessful flopsy is still usually enough to get him into a conversation.


She was so surprised when I used the flopsy on her that she thought I was psychic!

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Source: Juggler

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