Quick Definition: A hint of sexual interest through the use of words, body language, eye contact, or a slight look in a direction for a short moment. Ongoing flirting can be initiated through various cues that hint at eventual sexual consummation.

Full Definition:

There’s good flirting and bad flirting. Good flirting is subtle, follows a strong pace and momentum, and makes the recipient of the flirting laugh or otherwise feel strong positive or slightly negative emotions. A coquette or player is generally very skilled in the art of flirting. To be a good flirt, one must be able to read the other person very well and master the command of one’s emotions.

TV shows do a good job in general depicting flirting. Shows that cater more to girls (Gossip Girl) have more subtle forms of flirting, while Entourage is purely celebrity-based groupies.

Boston Legal showcases subtle and smart lines that constantly take place in this imaginary law firm:

PUAs are particular good at turning on “flirting” and then dismissing it all together. The combination can be very powerful, leveraging “plausible deniability” while having the same sexual effect.

For example, a PUA might brush up a on a girl he knows and mention, matter of factly, “I love the smell of your hair.” Let it sink for a second, and then, “Anyway, back to this case at hand…have you heard from the client today…” The effect of letting her know that she’s attractive to you is done, without the consequent damage that can happen during an awkward silence after the compliment. Female coworkers in particular can be more standoff-ish, especially in a white collar firm, to protect their authority status at their jobs.

Becoming a master at flirting is a must in any semi-competent PUA.

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Flirting is part of the player’s personality.

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