Flip The Script

Quick Definition: AKA Reframing. Using what the initial party said and leveraging it against them from a different perspective.

Full Definition:

The idea of flipping the script differs from a “reframe” in the sense that you’re using what someone else said as leverage. This is a powerful concept in martial arts too whereby you use the enemy’s momentum against him.

In set, flipping the script can involve a response to a neg. If the girl says, “you have chest hair”, you can simply reply, “oh what do you like about men with chest hair?” and simply assume that was an IOI. Have a stock of lines for “reframe” can also help certain situations. These quick remarks were used by Neil Strauss as “pebbles” in set.

A great example of flipping the script is the legendary comedian Katt Williams before he was famous on Wild ‘N Out.

Example of a different perspective on the same script…

As more time is spent in-field and handling negs and actually losing battles, more experience is gained on how to deal with certain lines or situations. Flipping The Script gets easier the more advanced you get at game, or any art.

Flipping the script can also work when flirting. Here is an example of reversing gender roles by The Flip Side:

Easy pebbles and negs include:

  • I’m so wet right now
  • Try not to get a huge hard on now
  • I’m vulnerable, I need more comfort before sex
  • Slow down, I need more emotional connection before you hit on me like that
  • I’m more than just my good looks
  • Oh my good I’m not just a piece of meat you know, I have feelings too!
  • Buy me a drink, before you hit on me like that! (Mystery)


I flipped the script on that bitch!

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