Flinch Points

Quick Definition: The points of escalation during a seduction where the artist has the tendency to flinch a little and lose the set.

Full Definition:

Flinch points are the key moments within a set that can either go really well or really badly. They are the pop quizzes that come up during seduction.

Flinch points can happen on moves, getting phone numbers, bouncing, phone game, and even when saying goodbye. The artist gives away his feelings in his facial expression or is just a little too excited and happy with the phone number, thereby signaling his perception of her high value in relation to his own.

The right way to handle flinch points is to laugh at it, or remain non-reactive. Don’t let any type of rejection or line personally affect you. To master this, Sinn mentions that, first, method acting needs to be employed—because if we are not used to this, we will react.

Eventually the artist starts to deaden those response systems to rejection. We also begin to develop inner beliefs and values that are strong and in alignment with our own perception of our high value. The flinch points will eventually go away. Finding flinch points isn’t necessary a bad thing. As a matter of fact, it can signal areas that a newbie needs to work on to get to the next stage.

Sinn talking about Flinch Points around 45:00-50:00 in this video:


I don’t flinch with hot Asian girls, but I do sometimes with hot blondes

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