• Flawless Natural

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: A form of natural game taught by Tim Marc from RSD. It is based on general concepts that leverage the person’s core identity and amplify it.

    Full Definition:

    Flawless Natural is the video product featured Tim from RSD and dissects his natural game. Concepts of flawless natural include “lording” the club, being connected to the “core,” and having purpose.

    Tim also talks about the “Rosetta Stone” of pickup and how different vocal tonality can affect an opener or introduction. Many agree that the product is a great foray into natural game and new techniques for developing good game.

    There are many similar themes in Flawless Natural such as indifference, the ability to calibrate, and owning a club or having the club own you. Tim does a good job leveraging existing RSD themes and adding his own techniques to create new ways of thinking about game.

    Flawless Natural Preview Part I:

    A marketing parody for Flawless Natural featuring Tim and Jeffy


    Flawness Natural is a great product from RSD.

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