• Flash Game

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: A form of game that involves the PUA displaying social proof around the room by DHVing himself. This can involve the PUA taking a picture with two HBs from a first set to build value with future sets, or gaming one girl and asking her to introduce him to another woman.

    Full Definition:

    The concept of flash game is to increase one’s social value inside a venue by having positive DHV interactions that other people (men, but more importantly women) can see. As Mystery says, “be the observed, not the observer.”

    It is important to pick an activity that will garner attention, which includes taking pictures, getting a group of girls laughing, and being in a lock-in position with a group of girls. It is also important to do this with subtlety, as if this is all an unconscious motor response, rather than purposely trying to show off, which is try-hard and would be a DLV.


    Let’s do some flash game before we commit to a set tonight.

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    Source: Mystery

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