Flaky Chick

AKA Flaky Chick Syndrome

Quick Definition: The tendency of certain girls to be extremely flaky and miss previously agreed upon appointments or social gatherings.

Full Definition:

When starting out in game, beginners may experience a high flake rate from phone numbers. Later on in game, PUAs are able to get girls on the phone and arrange for dates (time bridges). However, sometimes girls will still flake and not show up at the last minute. This can be very annoying, and most guys have trouble with flaky chicks.

First, you must realize that certain types of girls are just very flaky. They have a million things going on, and they are generally very popular, with many friends and many invites. Learn to put yourself in her shoes. If you had been invited to three parties by hot girls, would you would break a promise to show up at a previous event? On the other hand, these girls are also disorganized. They are often very late, and the way they live their lives is disoriented. Marilyn Monroe was often missing on set and always late for her appointments.

Second, understand that girls generally have more of a risk factor in meeting a guy they don’t fully know. Despite the feminist movement, you are still physically stronger than her, and, given that most guys don’t know how to charm women, she is risking spending a night with a guy she finds extremely boring. She has nothing to lose by not showing up.

Third, sex ratio and cities also matter. In San Jose, given the abundance of rich engineers and men, girls have more options. In Canada or Brazil, girls usually show up for planned events because of the ratio difference. Culturally, depending on the girl’s experience, she may expect flaking to be normal. Other girls don’t like breaking their word and will usually apologize for not showing up. If she really likes you, she will suggest another time to meet.

Often times, these girls are “club” or “turbo girls” and usually stereotyped as the “dumb blonde,” although any girl can be a flaky chick. Flaky chicks tend to exhibit ADD characteristics. These types of girls tend to have short attention spans, much like a kitten chasing the butterfly. The next shiny object wins. The other extreme of the “flaky chick” is simply a girl who is very irresponsible and extremely bad at time management and prioritizing her own life.


In general, remember that, as you have more social value (or perceived value) for the girl, the more likely she will show up. And as your game gets tighter, overall, your flake average rate drops. However, don’t over-think flakes, as sometimes we simply do not know what is going on in the girl’s head. As such, an abundance mentality and multiple options need to be kept open.

Until you develop a genuine connection and friendship with the girl, do not expect her to share your sense of morality (loyalty, dependence, honest). It is still a game.


Mariah is a super flaky chick…

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