AKA “Flaking”

Quick Definition: When a girl cancels or fails to show up for a date. Can also mean a HB who gives you her number, but screens your calls (doesn’t answer) and does not return voice messages.

Full Definition:

Flakes are inevitable in game. Sometimes, there is a lack of attraction. Other times, logistics or lifestyle on her end interfere with her meeting up again. The PUA’s goal is to minimize flaking by building solid rapport during the initial interaction and during his follow-up with phone game and text game. Making day 2 plans that are as casual as possible, rather than putting too much pressure on the initial date, will also help to reduce flakes.

For club and night game, flake rate is generally higher than day game, due to alcohol and the precedence of typical relationships in bars and clubs.


I don’t think I built enough rapport with the girl last night– she flaked on me.

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