• Five Questions Game

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    The 5 questions game is a fun routine where the artist tells a girl that she has to lie five times and all they have to do is get all 5 questions wrong.

    The wager: a drink.

    The first three questions are easy, and each time she wins, you should make a defeated gesture such as “damn! I thought I had her!”.On the fourth question, the PUA improvs and look lost and confused.

    Then, he asks in a confused demeanor, “Oh wait, wait… how many questions was that?” Since you’ve asked three questions so far, the girl usually would say a number other than three (i.e. they should lie to win). Some girls will trip up here and you can make fun of them.

    This is becasue by default most people are helpful.

    The fifth question, should she get the fourth one right is another trick question. If she gets question 4 right, the artist acts with shocked expression and say, “Oh no you’ve played this game before, haven’t you?!”.

    This will prompt a yes/no reply. Since most people are egotistical or like to take the credit for being smarter than the artist, she will say, “no I haven’t!”. Hence she has lost because she replied honestly to the fifth question.

    Example of the routine with Neil Strauss / Style:

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