Five Myths Preventing Men From Attracting Chicks

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Context: part of his marketing series to sell products, but still pretty good list

Myth #1: Being an Attractive Man Is Always About Appealing To What Women Say They Want.

If you are one of those vehement supporters of this myth, you should get a noose and hang yourself – you’ll be better off. Trying to get a woman to like you by attempting to live up to her ideal preferences in a man is a one way ticket to transforming your ego into a proverbial punching bag. Women prefer tall dark handsome rich men, packing dogs with garden hose length and telephone pole girth. Oh, furthermore, if you don’t want to fall short of their expectations you better be lumbered with chiseled abs and a copious bubble butt. If your rump isn’t up to par, you could always get silicon butt cheek implants. But forewarning: Your black-and-blue rear will be so sore that you won’t be able to sit down for a month.

As those of you know who have been reading my newsletters and have read my book: Attraction is not what a woman says she wants. If attraction was what women say they prefer, then I wouldn’t know short, bald, fat, and broke guys experiencing massive success with women. But I do.

Attraction, contrary to this, is about you creating the emotion inside women of wanting, chasing, and reaching for more of you. Although my short, bald, fat and broke Casanova buddies don’t fill the quota of the “ideal man,” they do manage to generate the emotion inside women of wanting, chasing, and reaching for more of them. And this, my friend, is why they are massively successful with women. The art of creating this emotion in women is what I call PRIZING. My book is chockfull of different techniques for PRIZING women, some of which are Open Loops, Tension Loops, Challenging & Qualifying, and Meta-Frames.

One of the best things you can do to set the groundwork for PRIZING women is to make them strive to fill the quota of your ideal female. So, when you’re out with a woman, don’t behave like a spineless little worm, asking her questions such as: “How am I doing with you?” Instead, when she behaves in ways that go against your standards and expectations of women, let her know that she is losing points with you – and losing points quickly!

Myth #2: If A Woman Is Of Higher Value Than You She Is Not Allowed To Be Attracted To You.

This one actually rings some truth. Let me explain. If you see a woman and immediately, in your mind, consecrate her as a Goddess amongst Goddesses you must bow down to, you are figuratively butt ramming yourself, because you are setting the frame that she is the Prize, not you. As those of you who have read my book know, women do not feel attraction for men who are not the PRIZE. Viewing a woman you have just met as a Goddess amongst Goddesses is fine, as long as you perceive yourself as a God amongst Gods and abstain from bowing down to her.

What is the lesson to be learned? Objective value doesn’t exist, only perceived value does. Although women are usually not attracted to men of lesser value than themselves, you can do a lot to increase your value. Whenever interacting with a woman, a Meta-Frame – or underlying meaning – is established, determining your value in relation to hers. When you allow a woman’s perceived value to intimidate you, or make you feel of lesser value than her, you are unknowingly establishing the Meta-Frame that she is the PRIZE, not you. So the key is to stop fretting about some aspect of her being of higher value than some aspect of you, plundering you of your self-esteem. When interacting with a woman, if you ever feel ugly to her beauty or pedestrian to her sophistication or like a retarded little spaz to her sense of cool…or whatever, change your focus of attention. See the bigger picture. Realize that when first meeting a woman you paint a picture in your mind of who you think she is, based on a few aspects you observe about her. This picture usually ends up being way off base. Learn to take control of your perceptions: If you feel intimidated by her beauty, imagine what she looks like in the morning without her makeup; if her sophistication renders you tongue-tied, consider that she might be putting on an act to impress you; if you start worrying about how much older you are than her, imagine how much worse she’s going to look when she’s your age…and so on.

Myth # 3: If You Want To Attract Women You Have To Act Like You Enjoy And Are Interested In The Things That They Enjoy.

This pathetic little myth is really a product of the collective dating advice for men self-help books for sale at a bookstore near you, touting men to develop the personality of an obedient lapdog.

This myth couldn’t be further from the truth. Women are attracted to men, not little puppy dogs.

Hypothetically speaking, let’s say you are dating a girl who has a thing for musical kitsch: think Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera. You, however, despise this kind of music and would prefer the sound of nails on a chalkboard to this crap. What should you do: Pretend Britney’s great or tell her what you really think?

Although counterintuitive, pretending to like something you don’t genuinely like is unattractive to women.

Likewise, having a willingness to express what you hate can redound in women finding you very attractive.

Exceptions, of course, do exist. For example, specific activities have been deemed by our culture as having a high social value. You might, for example, prefer reading comic books over participating in these activities. There could be consequences, however, to not participating in them. In one of my upcoming products, I touch on these activities. I will probably publish a newsletter in the near future addressing these activities.

Furthermore, I am not suggesting that you jettison all of a woman’s interests and tastes that you do not share. Doing this will turn you into a creepy control freak and you will probably end up becoming a very unhappy, boring person. Only being around people with the same interests and tastes as you, will stifle your growth as a human being – diversity is good. I personally love to be around people that introduce me to things I don’t know a lot about. This is how I develop new interests and grow as a human being.

My gripe is with men faking an interest in something as a means to get someone to like them. Doing this is really handing your balls over on a platter to the other person. Don’t do this. Don’t give away your power. It is one of the most unattractive qualities you can possess.

Myth # 4: Women Don’t Like Sex And Will Only Sleep With You After You Go Through Great Lengths Courting Them.

This one really makes my skin crawl. My life experience keeps reaffirming that beyond the shadow of a doubt this myth doesn’t even contain a smattering of truth. Women love sex and can be as aggressive as men when it come to obtaining it.

If you doubt this, make some female friends who are not interested in you. That way they won’t be concerned with how you judge them, allowing them to shed their ladylike pretenses and talk candidly about their sexuality. Warning: This lurid peek into the female sexual psyche might frighten you – it isn’t for the faint of heart. What you will find is that women are as sexual as men…if not more. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if these women told you about how much fun quickies, one-night-stands, and meaningless sex can be.

Many women hold off on sleeping with men because they lest being judged as sluts. It can be quite powerful to tease women about acting sexually forward or aggressive towards you. Acting genuinely concerned, though, about a woman’s sexually promiscuity can transform a sexually adventurous woman into a frigid prude.

Most men I know who are unbelievable at quickly getting women into bed have a knack for making women feel comfortable expressing their sexual habits and promiscuity (Note: This is, of course, in the context of women you’ve just met. You probably wouldn’t want to encourage this kind of promiscuity in your wife or girlfriend).

Myth # 5: If You Aren’t Currently Good With Women You Probably Aren’t Going To Get Any Better.

Simply not true. I don’t believe this myth for a second. Over the years I have known many hopeless sad-sack losers who no one believed in, transform themselves into some of the most skilled ladies men I have ever seen. In many cases these guys ended up more skilled with women than natural ladies men. This is probably because they had a burning desire to get a foothold on this area of their life.

This self sabotaging myth is disseminated primarily by shrinks, guys who’ve had little success with women, and ladies men.

I know a few guys who were told by their psychiatrists that if they weren’t good with women, they probably weren’t going to get any better. And that they’d be better off compromising by settling for a less than desirable woman. One of these guys stopped seeing his therapist and is now doing fantastic with women. He gets a gold star for firing the bastard.

Some guys down on their success with women will try to feed you all sorts of negative rhetoric, such as: “if you are not already successful with women, you are not going to get any better.” These guys will infect your mind. Avoid them like the plague.

Some ladies men will try to mystify their abilities by making you think that they are blessed with some unattainable God-given talent. Often times this is an attempt to exalt their abilities at the expense of your self-esteem. Don’t take that crap. You’re better than that.

All of the disseminators of this myth are thought viruses that will infect your mind, sabotaging your self-esteem and future opportunities with women. If you currently have any of these people in your life, KICK ‘EM TO THE CURB.

It is an understatement to say that I believe in you; I am convinced that you can succeed with women. I have met and taught men of all walks of life who have successfully turned their lives around with women. No matter what your current level of success with women is, I know you strive to get to a higher level. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this. I know you are capable of achieving your goals with women and I am going to help you get there. And if you haven’t already picked up a copy of my book, do so. It’s not written for losers looking to cope with their unfortunate situation. It’s written for winners: People who are ready to take the bull by the horns and start achieving and living the success they dream about. At the end of the day, $39.95 is a small price to pay to be fully equipped with the tools you need to start experiencing massive success with women. So if you haven’t already picked up my book, do so now.

By Swinggcat


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