• Five Cool Style Apps for Men

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Guest post by Debbie Anderson.

    You never tire of being stylish; nor should you. Sure, you already read the fashion blogs and style sites, subscribe to the men's magazines, and visit the forums for the latest tips and looks, but if you're looking for even more ways to be stylish, we got you covered. Below are five “style apps” that will round out your fashion arsenal. Here they are:

    Cool Guy app

    1. Cool Guy

    This smartphone app lets you take pictures of the clothes in your closet, making it easier to mix and match outfits with pieces you already own. After you've populated your virtual closet with photos, Cool Guy categorizes the pieces for you by season, type and more. You then save outfits in your “outfit album” for future reference. There's also a fashion newsstand where you can read the latest fashion blogs and magazines, and an online shopping portal, where you can browse clothes from the biggest retailers, compare prices, looks and more and compare them with your existing pieces to see if they match. If you like what you see, buy the clothes through Cool Guy's shopstyle.com interface.
    Cost: Free

    2. Style.com

    This iPhone and iPad app aggregates all the major ready-to-wear and couture collections from major designers, and updates your phone with the most current runway looks. A phenomenal way to keep on top of fashion trends, the app allows you to search collections and slide shows displaying the latest and greatest, complete with expert commentary and reviews of each look. This app is perfect for the guy working to define (or refine) his individual style because it offers inspiration for those stuck in a fashion rut, or who just want to mix it up a little. A note before you download: a quick run-through of reviews revealed that style.com tends to crash, so it may be best to download onto the iPad to better support its video function.

    Cost: Free

    3. GQ UK Style Guide

    Another smartphone app for the fashion inclined, the GQ Style Guide shows the top looks from the latest collections, advises on how to wear the pieces and where to buy them, and addresses your most pressing fashion questions. There's also step-by-step guides to dressing for popular occasions (weddings, interviews, parties) and style videos.
    Cost: Free

     4. David Gandy Style Guide for Men

    Model David Gandy shares his wardrobe wish list items and recommendations for you (the app prompts you to answer questions to help Gandy determine the right clothes for your frame). Composed of four main areas – Wardrobe Essentials, Weekly Style Guide, Luxury Accessories, and Budget Key Pieces, the app includes videos of Gandy as he walks you through how to wear key pieces and a gallery of clothing you can choose from and comparison shop. The budget tool allows you to input your price range and then view a variety of wardrobe pieces that match the amount you have to spend. Other cool functions let you view iconic trendsetters from the last fifty years for inspiration, see videos about common tailoring issues, and shop directly from the app.
    Cost: $5.99

    Men's Shoe Guide App

    5. Men's Shoe Guide

    This app does just what it says – tells you what style and color show to wear for each occasion, from business meetings to a first date. Simple, but sublime.
    Cost: Free

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