First Phone Call (FPC)

Quick Definition: The first phone call after number closing a target.

Full Definition:

This is a major sticking point for many PUAs when starting out. Even though they may be able to generate a lot of attraction at the club, much of that is lost once the target returns home. Thus, the first phone call can be very awkward if the relationship was not set up properly. There can also be a lot of pressure during the initial phone call, which is one reason why many women blur.

Mainstream dating advice often advocates waiting a few days before making the call to appear non-needy. Some PUAs call much sooner than that, some later. One method of dealing with the awkwardness of the FPC is to call the girl’s phone number immediately after getting it, making a joke out of it, which helps set the precedence of phone conversations being fun.

Another way of dealing with the FPC is to create a fun nickname for the girl during the interaction, then use that nickname during the FPC. The nickname serves as an anchor for the positive feelings the PUA generated in her at the club, and those feelings will come back to her when he uses the nickname.

Yet another way of dealing with FPC is to start small with a series of texts, which require a lower commitment than a phone call, and banter back and forth using texts before making the call. Whatever method the PUA uses, having solid phone game will make his FPC go much smoother.


I finally got the up the courage to make the FPC with the girl I met the other night.

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