Fire Behind the Smoke

Quick Definition: Real power or real social status must be backed up by evidence of a true foundation; hence, where there is smoke, there must be a source of fire to initiate the smoke screen.

Full Definition:

In the area of lifestyle and long term game, any successful HB9/10 that has been raised by good parents will feel a sense of entitlement to a true 9/10 equivalent in a guy as well, whether this guy is a 9/10 in looks or not. She will automatically screen for these types of guys in the long run. As such, short term buying temperature game may work for one or two lays, but it will not get you the girl in terms of a long term relationship.

Jeffy experiences this in his FRs and chronicles of the “soda model” girl in Nine Ball, where he later realizes that the inner workings of his past and his mind created an inherent value difference between what he and she truly believed they deserved in life.

In short term game, a guy can try to manipulate his attractiveness via game and replicate the status of an otherwise alpha male of society. This type of value can be sustained for one night at the club, but eventually will reset back to its natural status as the girl learns more about his life and his direction in his goals.

Ultimately, a man who has goals in life and lives life in alignment with them will succeed in getting the girls he wants. And, for the highest quality girls out there, you will need to develop a life that you deem worth living in order to meet and get them for the long run.


In the long run, there has to be fire behind the smoke in order to something to be real.

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