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  • Find Meet Attract Close (FMAC)

    By on December 20, 2008

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    Quick Definition: Mystery’s original model in detailing the process for pickup. First, find the target at an attraction location. Meet her (open), create Attraction, then Close.

    Full Definition:

    FMAC is a simpler model of the Mystery Method, and likely helped build the foundation of the MM model as it is known today. It does not contain as many steps as the current iteration of MM, and does not include a stage for comfort, but captures most of the key stages of a pickup.

    Related Terms: MM, Opening, Attraction, Comfort, Venusian Arts

    Source: Mystery

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  • One Comment

    • Thiago BR

      I prefer to think about it as being:

      Meet – Attract – Connect – Close (MACC)

      The only difference is that I excluded the “Find” (merging the Find phase with the Meeting process), and included the “Connect” phase (creating Rapport, building comfort).


      – Thiago

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