Filling in the Canvas

Quick Definition: A way of delivering information about yourself that makes other people’s minds piece together little bits of information about you and come to a conclusion that originates from their own minds.

Full Definition:

People rarely reject their own ideas. This is why lawyers ask leading questions, and people are more receptive to answering questions rather than replying to another statement, that may not be in alignment with their beliefs. This technique is used in the idea of filling in the canvas.

Imagine reading a mystery novel. A good author slowly illustrates his characters and builds them up. He also teases the reader’s imagination by revealing little hints that allowing the reader to form his or her own conclusions. Romance novels illustrate sexual themes extremely well using subtleties.

Mad TV does a great job with this Abercrombie parody. Notice the well written description of the guy’s recollection of the morning rowing experiences:


Give her the gift of filling out the canvas of your life

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