Field Test

Quick Definition: An in-field test of a PUA’s or rAFC’s pickup skills. Alternatively, to test out a new technique or routine in the real world.

Full Definition:

Field tests are structured tests used to gauge the skill level of a PUA. Field tests often involve specific assignments, such as getting an n-close or a k-close. Field tests are often implemented by instructors and PU companies to test the skill level of potential instructors. Mystery also uses field tests to test his students in The Pickup Artist on VH1, and some lairs use it as a form of initiation for new members to determine their level of game.

The alternative usage of the phrase “field test” is to test out a new skill or routine in field. It can be easy to fall into the trap of coming up with routines that should work, in theory, but no technique should be given much weight until properly field tested in the real world.


Tonight will be a field test night.

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