Field Report (FR)

Quick Definition: A report of a PUA’s experience in the field, a recounting of the details from a night (or day), or a specific pickup experience.

Full Definition:

FRs are essential for the PUA to understand his challenge points and to maximize his learning from prior interactions. Posting FRs on online pickup forums allows others to offer critiques and suggestions on the pickup, as well as learn from the PUA’s mistakes and successes.

Although field reports, and more intimate lay reports, can be valuable learning tools, some PUAs criticize them for not respecting the privacy of the women involved. Usually, PUAs will obscure identifying details when writing an FR, so as to respect the privacy of all those involved.

Some PUAs (especially keyboard jockeys) will often exaggerate their field reports in order to appear more successful than they actually are. As such, it is usually wise to take most FRs with a grain of salt.


Did you read my FR from my trip to Vegas?

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