• Female Trainer

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    AKA Female Instructor

    Quick Definition: A woman who trains men in the art of seduction.

    Full Definition:

    Female trainers are a relatively new development in the seduction community.

    Because the pickup industry was started by men, for men, most instructors have been men. However, there has recently been a trend towards an increasing number of female instructors and trainers helping out with pickup bootcamps and events.

    Originally, women were brought to bootcamps so male instructors could demonstrate pickup techniques and the students could have someone to practice on. But as women have become more savvy to the game, they have taken on a larger role in instructing guys.

    Many pickup companies these days have female trainers on staff that are there not only for demonstrations, but help teach and instruct guys in pickup as well. Although many PUAs tend to be leery of receiving pickup advice from women (who often say they want the opposite of what they actually respond to), there are a growing number of women who have great self-awareness and an understanding of the game, and can offer guys legitimate pickup advice.

    See our female guru section for more information.

    Kezia Noble Female Trainer

    Kezia Noble – World’s Top Female Pickup Trainer

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