Female Sexual Fantasies

Quick Definition: The various common fantasies that women have, of which most men have no idea even exists.

Full Definition:

In the book the My Secret Garden, Nancy Friday discusses the various fantasies that women have when they think about sex. Published over 25 years ago, it caused quite a stir and controversy when people didn’t believe that secretly, women’s imagination would result in such fantasies. The publisher remarks:

Safe behind the walls of anonymity, hundreds of real women responded to Nancy Friday’s call for details of their own most private fantasies. My Secret Garden is the daring compilation of those fantasies. When it first appeared, it created a storm of outrage in the media…and an equal sense of exhilaration for those women who finally were able to share their sisters’ most intimate thought

As a PUA, we have to be aware of these fantasies and the fact that they exist. To the extremes, even. Whether it is S&M, or bestiality  or the ridiculousness of sleeping with one’s gardener, or the forever longing narratives of romance novels, all of this installs titillation, anticipation and an ultimate release for women. Understanding how their arousal system is triggered and is built up is one of the pillars of being a sexual master and also in understanding the true nature of women.

midsummer night dream
Shakespeare explores our natural affinity for strange and fascinating creatures in his novel “A Midsummer Nights Dream”

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Don’t discount the power of female fantasies in your journey to good sex.

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