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Article by AlphaWolf and Orbiter

The PUA community began with all the guys. After all, some of the worse advice we have received as men have  been given to us by women. “Just be confident!” is as useless as it gets.

Unknown to most of us, females have actually had a place in this Community for a while now, at least as far back as September 2005 when The Community had been publicly outed. In the beginning, they’ve served mainly as wing girls and demo girls for PUA companies.

Kezia, a female trainer with PUA Training

There has also been women who have served other roles in this Community. General dating coaches giving advice over the radio, authors, sexual instruction video makers, assistant coaches, and of course, independent coaches.  Some of these women are from other “communities” such as bodybuilding who have branched/reached out & touched our community to give men advice. This is not counting all the many female dating “experts” who came from the dating industry that preceded the PUA Community, some of whom transitioned over. They all give advice to men on various aspects of the game…be it attraction, relationships, or the sex. Some of these motivations are genuine, others are based on the growing market of the seduction community.

And so the heated question inevitably comes up…“Why should us men take any of these female guru’s advice, when we all know damn well that women give the worse advice on other women?!?”

That is the discussion we hope to foster with the Female PUA Forums.


  • Female coaches can give insights into a woman’s mind that the male PUA’s sometimes miss.
  • Females coaches can tell you things from the inside out, rather than from the POV of someone on the outside looking at.
  • Their material is largely just an education in female psychology, sometimes in little chunks, sometimes all at once. Its good for giving you a well rounded education in understanding women, which will help further your potential game.
  • Very shy guys can get used to being comfortable withe women in their presence
  • They are better to look at than the best male PUAs
  • When they demo and go out with you, the power of preselection is already triggered to ensure easier approaches and opens


  • Male PUAs argue that because they have never actually DONE a pickup from a guy’s POV, they will never understand the details and dynamics of leading and dominance that can only come from a “true PUA”
  • Some female coaches have been known to overlook certain aspects that the males do teach you that are necessary for a good pickup
  • Female coaches can be distracting, or the student may be force to be nicer to her because of the male-female dynamics. Most women are also known to be more forgiving with honest feedback, which an aspiring PUA really needs.

In our desire to learn seduction, have we instead been seduced by the female playettes for our money?

Whatever aspects of the female mentality they are trying to give you, you also have to look at the quality of the information. You should be able to tell a female PUA instructor’s skills and genuineness via the following:

  1. Does she understand herself as a female? (She better!!)
  2. Has she made any efforts on studying how men think? (This is necessary so she’ll better know what details to pick out to give us.)
  3. Does she have any education on gender psychology or social dynamics? (Just because you’re a woman, doesn’t mean you’d know how to explain your behaviors as a woman.)
  4. Is she just basing her material on HERself? (Cuz if she is, she better let you know that…otherwise, you’ll be misled to thinking her stuff applies to all women.)
  5. Does she have an ongoing custom of continuing to educate herself on this topic? (Perfection & keeping up-to-date, equals better materials & services to men.)
  6. You also have to look at what they’re selling, what they specialize in.  For example, if its about the best sex experience, then its more likely that their materials are among the best out there, for a woman knows best how to please herself. But when you get into the areas of relationships and harem management, the material may only be semi-useful because relationships (heterosexual) involve both genders.
  7. And most importantly, you must seek out reviews from guys who’ve used their services. But beware of “reviews” posted by the female guru herself. Sometimes these female gurus fabricate & exaggerate reviews by men to up their sales & credibility. Remember, most of these female gurus are first & foremost businesswomen, and one of the dangers of seeking their services is that they can easily manipulate & suck you dry by exploiting our weaknesses as men–our natural desires for sex & female love.

Extra: We are thinking of adding The PUA Lingo Female PUA Forums: An online community of Playettes that consult men and other women on the aspects of game and seduction. Only if the demand is there.

What do you think about Female PUAs?

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