Female Mind Mastery (FMM) Review

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I got a copy of the Female Mind Mastery series from the 2 Girls Teach Sex team. The Module itself is pretty well put together, with sections escalating from getting a “perfect girlfriend” to demonstrations of intense and lasting sex. The whole series reminds of me 2 Girls Teach Sex, and does re-hash a lot of material covered in the original 2gts DVDs.

Once inside, you will find weekly module that populate depending on your membership level. The seminars are pretty good, and the whole product focuses on bringing you a brief “mental” change on “how to think about sex” and then goes straight into sex and specific tips on improving your sex life.

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Deep Impact Series teaches you a technique that extends your penis size for maximum impact. I tried this with my girlfriend and she was amazed. This is a worthwhile section. The girl, Tasha Reign is not bad to look at either.

deep impact demo


Seminar sessions include common Q&A questions guys have about sex and the woman’s perspective on what feels good. Overall pretty good, I wish they did more of these videos with even more girls. All-in-all you see about 4-5 female pornstars and 2 guy pornstar coaches.fmm deep impact

Demonstrations differ depending on the coach, some of the girls just go straight into it. The guy coaches stop and explain what he’s doing at each step.

fmm keeping sex hot

Q&A with girls I think can be informative if they got some non pornstar talent to get an idea of how average girls view sex. It is not every day that guys meet pornstars on the street.

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Demonstrations with pauses and explanations and highlights on video helps and if you really view it for the techniques AND actually practice, you will be better in bed.organic chemistry part 2

Overall, not a bad product, if you’re looking for tips in the bedroom all laid out in a clear, easy to learn process. Follow the link below for a discount.

Here is Dean’s breakdown of the video review of Female Mind Mastery:

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