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    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    PUA Community presents…


    For most of us guys, before we discovered the PUA Community, some of the worst advice we’ve received about picking up chicks have come from chicks. That’s one of the reasons why the PUA Community is composed of mainly guys.

    But this Community does have females. In the beginning they served mainly as wing girls or demo girls, like Tara who worked for Mystery. But gradually there’ve been more women who are actually gurus, coaches, or advisors.

    Some of these gurus used to be wing/demo girls who’ve expanded. Some are actually from other communities/industries such as the dating industry that preceded the PUA Community…This came as a natural result of the merging of the PUA Community and the dating industry.

    It seems once the public heard about the PUA Movement, more women from different backgrounds, of varying skill, got into the trend of helping men date women like themselves:

    Porn stars, dancers, actresses, bodybuilders, models, etc. They all want to give their spin on helping men in various areas of the venusian arts…attraction, relationships, sex, etc.

    And so the inevitable question is:

    “Why should we men take any of these female guru’s advice, when we all know damn well that women give the worse advice about other women?!?”

    That is the dilemma…and the next topic.


    There are many industries where men and women are equal in ability, and clients can be served the same things with either sex…The dating industry is not one of them. The very nature of the subject matter suggests at least a slight difference in each of their offerings.

    A popular claim that most girl gurus have is that they give top secret, honest female perspective that we couldn’t get anywhere else. This may be true, but…remember what you’ve gotten from girl advice about other girls? That’s right, a lot of misleading crap! Don’t let down your guard for girl gurus. They speak from the inside out and are apt to miss a lot of the nuances that make a huge difference in guys truly understanding them. They can tell you every dirty secret, but if they don’t know the nuances of your perspective, the info they offer won’t make much sense. The key is relativity…you guys need the proper perspective of every fact presented, otherwise it’s all just two-dimensional crap that misleads!

    In general:

    Male gurus are your best bet in making you into a PUA, giving practical, tested methods that work……Female gurus are best used as supplements either before or after a bootcamp, because while they offer idiosyncratic knowledge known only to them, it doesn’t turn you into a PUA.  That’s because, coming from outside the PUA Community, they’re missing the fine art of pickup.  Only female gurus who came from the PUA Community are skilled in PUA.  Perhaps someday there’ll be more of such PUA girl gurus when the new generation of wing/demo girls are motivated to learn and study and work closely with a MPUA to hone their skills to at least become full-fledged PUA coaches.

    But be she wing girl, PUA coach, or whatever else, there’s still the issue of quality, so pick and choose your female gurus wisely….

    Marni Kinrys Wing Girl Method


    The term ‘female guru’ implies that she’s beacon of light set apart above and beyond the common woman, in that she doesn’t cause men more confusions. And so we men should hold them to that simple minimum standard, don’t you agree? I do. Because if they’re gonna give you the same misleading crap that you’ve gotten from other girls, why bother paying them for it?!? So here are some key elements to look for:

    1. Does she understand herself as a female? (She had better!! And one way to do that is through contrast of…)
    2. Has she made any efforts to study how men think? (Already explained)
    3. Does she have any education on gender psychology or social dynamics? (Simply being a woman doesn’t necessarily qualify her as expert on the female mind.)
    4. Is she just basing her material on HERself? (Not all women are quite the same)
    5. Does she have an ongoing custom of continuing to educate herself on this topic? (Refinement & keeping up-to-date, equals better materials & services for your buck.)
    6. What do other men say about her? (Look for reviews that get specific, and check more than one.)
    7. CRUCIAL: Motives…WHY is she in the “helping men” business? (Does she even have the desire to give men an edge on dating & understanding the secret world of women, and thusly save’em from the despair of girl problems & dating foibles?  Or is she here to save her ego?!…Any guru who does that, male or female, will create problems all through the road…don’t go down it!)
    8. As a guru, she needs to serve the role of guide, and no matter what problems, attitudes, or intense frustrations you have, she shouldn’t take it too personally.  It’s her job to steer you in the right direction, not let it stifle her.  If she does, I’d reconsider ever returning to her, because she shouldn’t even be in this industry.

    All of this is good for pre-assessment, but ultimately, conclusive measure of quality boils down to whether she delivers or not…unfortunately after you’ve tried her.

    But if there’s one cardinal rule you should follow, if no other…NEVER try to pickup or entice your female coaches!  Its bad for business & wastes your money, as your learning quality & quantity drops when you or your coach are distracted.  Always keep it a mentor/student relationship.

    And no matter what, always keep things in perspective.  It’s only the dating realm of life.  It doesn’t represent everything.  Don’t be led astray from this fact.


    This page contains profiles of some female gurus you may or may not have heard of.  They’re all laid out here for you to judge for yourself…pick-N-choose what you need.  There are others out there, and we’ll add their profiles as their info is brought to our attention.

    If you’ve learned anything from this Community, you’d that know men and women have different psychologies.  So of course it’d befit our girl guru profiles not to have photos attached in order to help you guys (being the visual creatures we are) judge wisely without being bewitched.  And to instead list relevant data…things like her specialties, years in this industry, who she’s connected to, male reviews (shown at bottom of profiles), etc.

    Some of the profiles’ reviews are blank.  We’re calling out for all guys who’ve used these women to email or call in your review of how your experience went.  Keep’em short but detailed and specific (under 100 words).  We’ll keep you anonymous and post your reviews in future updates.




    Barbara DeAngelisAnnie SprinkleNicole SheridanTiffany TaylorMarni KinrysApril Masini
    WingWomen.comRomy MillerAnn MayVictoria ZdrokGabrielle MooreKezia Noble
    AFC Amanda LyonsSarah AnnErika AwakeningLiz LeiaShawna Lenee
    Hayley QuinnElizabeth EverettAllana PrattRachel RiderRyan Keely

    Barbara DeAngelis

    HALLMARK:Relationship consultant & author & psychology Ph.D, she is one of the longtime, old school, pre-PUA-Community gurus on the topic of male/female romantic relations and the female perspective.
    Once married to John Gray.
    AFFILIATION:(Independent) Barbaradeangelis.com;
    John Gray (ex-husband);
    Launch Date:1991, January….(But really began since the 1980’s)
    Book, ARE YOU THE ONE FOR ME? (1993-Jun)
    Book, WHAT WOMEN WANT MEN TO KNOW (2002-Aug)
    Other books (too many to list here)
    Does occasional seminars.
    A Man’s Review…

    Annie Sprinkle

    HALLMARK:Prostitute-&-pornstar turned Ph.D sexologist. The first pornstar to earn a Ph.D (in 2002). Shares her research and explorations through workshops, college lectures, and media products. Was also a pivotal player in the 80’s “Sex Positive Feminist Movement”.
    AFFILIATION:(Independent) AnnieSprinkle.org; LoveArtLab.org (with partner, Exlizabeth Stephens);
    LOCATION:San Francisco & Boulder Creek, CA.
    Launch Date:2002, (Month ??)
    DVD, Annie Sprinkle’s Amazing World of Orgasm.
    Various classes/courses.Various other books and dvds (too many to list here).
    A Man’s Review…

    Nicole Sheridan

    HALLMARK:Sex advice from a porn star couple.
    AFFILIATION:Voodoo Sex Lounge (with husband, Voodoo); NicoleSheridan.com;
    Launch Date:2002 (??)
    A Man’s Review…

    Tiffany Taylor

    HALLMARK:Claims to be deeply invested in helping men understand women on a deeper level, so they can get their telephone number, date or seduce them more effectively.
    AFFILIATION:Chris Tyler; Guy Gets Girl.com; GuyGetsGirlReview.org; Men Dating Manual.com/dating/advice/seduce_a_woman.html;
    Launch Date:2003 (month??)
    PRODUCTS:Ebook, GUY GETS GIRL (2003).
    Ebook, GUY GETS GIRL – Advanced Seduction Edition (2007).Free bonus, The Truth About Penis Enlargement.
    Free bonus, The Definitive Microsex Guide.Free bonus, Conversation King.
    Free bonus, Secrets of a Sex Magnet.
    A Man’s Review…

    Marni Kinrys

    HALLMARK:Using wing girls to help guys to get women. Also providing female perspectives (& advice) on various dating and relationship topics.
    AFFILIATION:Wing Girl Method (owner); IceBreaker.com; The Wing Girl Outing;
    LOCATION:Los Angeles
    Launch Date:2003, (month??)….(the day after a friend’s Shabbat)
    BECOME A MAN WOMEN WANT: Secrets of attracting and getting a girl.WHAT’S INSIDE A WOMAN’S MIND?: Secrets Women Don’t Want Men To Know.ONE NIGHT STANDS: When, Why & How Women Want Them.HOW TO TALK TO WOMEN: Master The Art of Conversation.Men’s Makeover: Full Style Assessment & Report.Skype Coaching Session/Packages.Transform Into A Man Women Want.Single Session With Marni.

    Two-On-One Wing Girls Outing & coaching.

    A Man’s Review…There is a lot of concepts in pickup that she totally misses, yet if you only use her services, you’ll fall into the trap of thinking all her teachings are THE end, solve all, things. Sometimes the advice, altho true, is biased and/or one-sided, and isn’t 3-dimensional, yet she makes you think that what she presents is the absolute whole deal.

    April Masini

    HALLMARK:Dating and relationship author, former model/actress, and CEO, whose advice helps men date the women they want and not ones they are settling for.
    AFFILIATION:AskApril.com (advice column and Q & A forum, founder); DatingDemocrats.com and DatingRepublicans.com (founder and writer);
    LOCATION:Naples, FL…& Honolulu…& Los Angeles.
    Launch Date:2003, December 1.
    Book, THINK AND DATE LIKE A MAN (for women).
    A Man’s Review…

    The gals of WingWomen.com

    HALLMARK:Renting out wing-women as preselection for guys.
    AFFILIATION:WingWomen.com (owned by Shane Forbes); Noah Auspitz (oversees Vegas).
    LOCATION:New York City & Las Vegas.
    Launch Date:2004, January; July (official launch date).
    PRODUCTS:Your very own preferable wing-woman (rental).
    A Man’s Review…

    Romy Miller

    HALLMARK:Dating author who “Will help you go from unwanted to wanted.” Also helps women get men.
    Launch Date:2004, January.
    Book, HOW TO BE THE MAN WOMEN WANT (2009-MAR-28).
    A Man’s Review…

    Ann May

    HALLMARK:Beauty salon owner becomes a dating expert with a new approach to picking up women, and exposing explicit female secrets. Utilizes The Seduction Pyramid.
    AFFILIATION:Paul Handforth (www.Lady-Killing.com); Paul Jeffrey;
    Launch Date:2004, (Month ??)
    PRODUCTS:Book, HOW TO BE A LADY KILLER.Online e-course.
    A Man’s Review…

    Victoria Zdrok

    HALLMARK:Former Penthouse-Pet/Playboy-Playmate-of-the-years with brains (Ph.D) advising men how to score model hotties like her and become better lovers.
    AFFILIATION:(Independent now), DrVictoriaZ.com; Penthouse Magazine and column “Vices and Vanities”; Love-Sex-Dating.com (relationships); CourtshipTraining.com (love, sex, and dating); “The Sex Connection” (radio show); Comcast’s “Dating On Demand.com” (various instructional videos).
    LOCATION:North NJ, and NYC.
    Launch Date:2004, August (??)
    Book, DR. Z ON SCORING: How to Pick Up, Seduce and Hook Up with Hot Women (2008-Jan).
    A Man’s Review…She gives the truth about attracting and pleasing women, but the pickup advice is very limited, from a female point of view. Like, in certain situations she says ya can’t get the girl, when in fact a MPUA could prove otherwise…It lacks many principles that MPUAs teach. If you really wanna be a PUA, go take a PUA bootcamp from a guy. As with most all female gurus, her best advice involves the sex and intimacy topics.

    Gabrielle Moore

    HALLMARK:How to give your women orgasms, the truth about female orgasms.
    AFFILIATION:FemaleOrgasmRevealed.com; LastAllNightCourse.com/lan-af.htm; Porte Publishing Inc.
    LOCATION:Las Vegas, NV
    Launch Date:2005 (??)
    A Man’s Review…

    Kezia Noble

    HALLMARK:The #1 female PUA trainer. Known as ‘The bitch with a heart who gets results’. Also teaches stripper game, how to deal with impossibly difficult women, the “L” Close,
    AFFILIATION:Kezia-Noble.com; Richard Gambler & PUA Training;
    Launch Date:2006, October (as a demo girl in her first bootcamp).
    PRODUCTS:Free Ebook, “Increasing Your Chances In Obtaining A One-Night Stand”.
    DVD, The 10 Hook Lead System.
    Stripper game seminar.
    Personal coaching.
    A Man’s Review…She is coldly honest, like most difficult women that you will meet will be like to you. All to prepare you. She gives on-point coaching that is detailed. However, sometimes she’ll make “absolute” statements about how to think about women that are not 100% true.

    AFC Amanda Lyons

    HALLMARK:Wing girl, female coach, of the AFC Adam method.
    AFFILIATION:AFC Adam (husband) & PUA Training; Attraction Explained.com
    LOCATION:Austin, TX
    Launch Date:2008 (??)
    A Man’s Review…Thanks to the genius of Adam, it rubs off on Amanda when she coaches you. Here hair wigs is really gorgeous.Therefore the information is close to what you’d expect from Adam…information based on psychology research as well as experience. Her services are limited, as she is only the female-perspective part of a multi-man bootcamp team…and thus, you’d also need the coaching of the other guys to fully make you into a PUA.

    Sarah Ann

    HALLMARK:Wing girl & female assistant coach of the ABC’s Of Attraction company. She is the female part of a multi-coach bootcamp. She also does individual wing-girl outings, and gives fashion critiques. As she says, “Not only am I any old woman”, she’s THE old woman you need to be listening to. 
    AFFILIATION:Facebook.com/people/Sarah-Ann-Pua/100000990164011; Asian Playboy & ABCofattraction.com;
    LOCATION:Los Angeles
    INITIATION:2008, June (as a demo girl in her first bootcamp).
    A Man’s Review…

    Erika Awakening

    HALLMARK:Cutting edge dating & relationship coaching.
    AFFILIATION:ErikaAwakening.com; SpiritualSeduction.com;
    LOCATION:San Francisco, CA
    Launch Date:2008 (??)
    PRODUCTS:Audio, Tele-class on Abundance & Jump-starting your business (90min).
    A Man’s Review…

    Liz Leia

    HALLMARK:Certified NLP Coach/Trainer and female insider coaches men on inner game and confidence, and teaches masculine/feminine dynamics, getting inside women’s minds. She also has a blog for helping women understand men.
    AFFILIATION:Getting Inside A Woman.com; Sean Stephenson & Inner Game Magazine (2008-Apr); InspireHisDesire.com (2011-Oct); ArtOfFlirting.com
    LOCATION:Southern California
    Launch Date:2009, May.
    Personal Coaching Programs.
    A Man’s Review…

    Shawna Lenee

    HALLMARK:Sexual technique advice from a bisexual porn star.
    AFFILIATION:“Two Girls Teach Sex”; Tori Black; Krissy Lynn; Keni Styles; Lexi Belle;
    Launch Date:2009 (??)
    PRODUCTS:Videos, “Two Girls Teach Sex”.
    A Man’s Review…Her/their methods make a huge difference in gratifying my woman. But the stupid banter between the commentators is fuckin annoying!

    Hayley Quinn

    HALLMARK:Bisexual coach who also picks up straight women. Once an unpopular geek whose PUA journey was like AFCs’. With a psychoanalysis background and mind for analyzing/responding to social situations, she teaches dating secrets.
    AFFILIATION:Gambler & PUA Training; Yosha & Daygame.com; Global Personals (www.globalpersonalsmedia.com);
    INITIATION:2010, January.
    PRODUCTS:One on one coaching.
    Phone Coaching.
    Text and email writing service.
    Ghostwritten ebook, NATURAL STREETGAME (Yad’s, 2011-April).
    Ghostwritten ebook, 7 SECRETS OF CHARISMA (her charisma coach’s, 2011-Nov.)
    A Man’s Review…

    Elizabeth Everett (AKA Delphim)

    CATEGORY:Pick Up & Lifestyling
    HALLMARK:An empathic high priestess with an occultic background in areas such as ancient mysteries or Chinese tonic herbalism, she has a holistic and esoteric approach to dating, relationships, and lifestyling, thus sparking you to action.
    A producer, singer/songwriter, and certified in hypnotherapy and NLP, her pickup training comes from work experience with several PUAs, and was twice awarded “Best Female Coach of 2012”.
    AFFILIATION:EsotericAttraction.com; ElizabethEgan.com; ??
    LOCATION:Greater Los Angeles Area.
    Launch Date:??
    PRODUCTS:Inner Game Coaching
    Wing Woman / Watcher on the Wall
    Personal Stylist
    Life/Relationship Counseling
    Consultations (in person, phone, or Skype)
    A Man’s Review…

    Allana Pratt

    HALLMARK:“The Sexy Mom Expert” who cures ‘Nice Guy’ syndrome and is redefining relationships and sensuality from the inside out.
    AFFILIATION:AllanaPratt.com; eHarmony (as columnist);
    Launch Date:??
    PRODUCTS:Book, GET HER TO SAY YES.Several books for women too.
    A Man’s Review…

    Rachel Rider

    HALLMARK:Dating & relationship coaching.
    LOCATION:New York City.
    Launch Date:???
    A Man’s Review…

    Ryan Keely

    HALLMARK:Self-proclaimed “Sexual Terrorist”, Penthouse Pet and porn star, teaches sex techniques. Also former host of Playboy Radio.
    AFFILIATION:PornStarSexLife.com, “Porn Star Sex Life” program, with Josh Rosenberg.
    LOCATION:New York City.
    Launch Date:???
    PRODUCTS:The Porn Star Sex Life program.
    A Man’s Review…

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    Sexual Chocolate October 12, 2010 - 1:04 pm

    IMO, Victoria is the hottest! She’s also got among the best advice.

    Skeptic PUA January 23, 2011 - 7:54 pm

    I wouldn’t trust any of these guru chicks unless they were trained by male PUAs. I’ve used most of these other gals’ services and they suck (the non-PUA-trained ones). they have contradictory info and lying to me, etc, etc….

    mypsulfulky August 27, 2011 - 6:53 pm

    I was just looking for this info for some time. After six hours of continuous Googleing, finally I got it in your website. I wonder what’s the Google’s problem that doesn’t rank this type of informative web sites closer to the top. Generally the top websites are full of garbage.

    kaide73 September 3, 2011 - 12:53 pm

    “Credit: Kaide73”

    WTF?+ I am that guy who is used to call himself kaide73 at PUA-forums and comment boxes of PUA-blogs. I definitely did not write this text!

    alphawolf September 4, 2011 - 4:08 pm

    The person who contacted me said it was Kaide73 AKA Gladiator. His email is on top if you want to contact him.

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