• Feeding Frenzy

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: When the attractiveness of a man skyrockets exponentially because multiple women are competing over him.

    Full Definition:

    A feeding frenzy is when women start competing intensely with each other for the attention of a single man. Feeding frenzies occur because of the principles of pre-selection and competitiveness. Women are naturally attracted to men that other women find attractive. This, in turn, may spark a sense of competitiveness, as several women compete to win the attention of a single man. Other women who witness this competition may find that they are attracted to the man as well, and join in competing for his affections. This pattern creates a snowballing escalation of attraction, resulting in a feeding frenzy.


    Feeding frenzies happen most often over men with high social value, such as celebrities or rock stars, but PUAs can help to create feeding frenzies of their own by DHVing themselves and using frames such as prizing and jealousy plotlines in order to get women to start competing over them.

    It is important to note that men can get caught up by feeding frenzies themselves, especially if they are the competitive type. A PUA should strive to pursue women that he personally finds attractive, rather than be swayed by what those around him think. But if he ever does find himself amidst such a competition, the best solution is to use negs and other forms of active disqualification to demonstrate that he isn’t the kind of guy who chases after women.


    What started out as friendly flirting quickly turned into a feeding frenzy!

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