• Fat Girl Overhead Photo (FGOP)

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: A deceptive camera angle showing a decent (or sometimes hot) picture of a girl who is actually much less attractive than the photo shows.

    Full Definition:

    Coined by internet dating guru David M, the FGOP is a technique that people sometimes use to look more attractive in online pictures and profiles. While it is understandable to choose the best pictures when presenting oneself online, the FGOP goes beyond just picking good pictures to using outright deception: sneaky camera angles, strategic cropping, and perspective techniques that grossly distort the attractiveness of the girl in the photo.

    It is necessary for PUAs to be wary of FGOPs in online game by qualifying and screening. It is always important to ask for more pictures to properly qualify girls with questionable profile pictures. Some important questions to ask include:

    How long ago were the pictures taken?

    Can you send me any more pictures?

    Example of an FGOP


    That’s a FGOP profile!

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