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fast seduction

Quick Definition:
The original grand-daddy seduction site started by FormHandle and TokyoPUA.

Full Definition:

In the early days of seduction in late 1980’s and early 1990’s, aspiring PUAs such as Mystery, Juggler and Tyler Durden met on the mASF Forums hosted by Being the first to market, the site boasts an impressive history of archives of some of the most noteworthy PUAs in the world and their rise to fame and/or game mastery.

Over the years the Fast Seduction site became clunky and slow, and as new entrants picked up after The Game’s introduction in 2005 the site was in need of a major redesign. In 2009 the site was redesigned for better navigation and easier and clearer access to information.

Fast Seduction offers its own product, the Art of The Pikcup (AOTP) on their site:

The site is also famous for its archives of mPUA posts in the past:

There’s also the player’s guide – an introductory page by page book for new PUAs:

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Source: FastSeduction Website

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